The State Legislature makes a lot of decisions that impact your life – including deciding which programs and projects get funded, passing new laws and repealing or amending old laws.

It’s important for us to hear from people across Hawaii before we vote on bills and budgets.  If we only hear from a few people, then we end up making decisions that only benefit the few, and not necessarily most residents.

But the Legislature can be a confusing place, and lots of people don’t know what is happening or when or how they can weigh in.

I’ve put together this Web site to try and help you get your voice heard.

BLOG – Click on this tab to read posts. During the Legislative Session (January – May) I’ll post about bills and budget decisions that are moving through the Legislature, and opportunities for you to give your opinion.  In between Sessions I’ll post every now and then on topics of interest.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see short excerpts from the most recent posts.  If you want an email notification of when  a  new post is published, you can click on the “RSS Feed” tab at the bottom of this page.

RESOURCES – Click on this tab for information which may be of help to you.

LEG. 101 – Click on this tab to get a list of short explanations that will help you navigate the legislature. You’ll get instructions on how to track a bill, how to contact your Legislator, and how to advocate for a bill to be heard and to submit testimony online.

MEETINGS & EVENTS – Click on this tab for a listing of regular community meetings that I attend where we can speak in person. We’ll also post periodic community events.

In Our Community

2015 District Survey

Each year I mail a survey to my district asking their opinion on topics that will come up in the next Session, and also giving space for people to raise other topics important to them. Click here to see the results.  We also post the survey online for anyone to answer (we ask for zip codes so we can see if there is any difference between the total responses within Senate District 25 and the rest of the State).

Community Meeting Schedule

You can talk with me at any of the regular community meetings I attend in your neighborhood. Sign up for email updates if you want to be added to our meeting notification list. Or call our office at 587-8388.

Beyond the Bills

Keiki and Government

A fun part of my job is to show students how government actually works. Last year we hosted classes visiting the capitol and went to several schools to conduct a Legislative Road Show. We explain real bills, debate them, and students “vote” on measures (with some unexpected results!).  Read more…

Keep informed of Upcoming Legislation

Sen. Thielen's BlogBlog


Latest posts from Senator Laura Thielen's Blog:

Kawainui‐Hāmākua Master Plan Update

The Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN) for the Kawainui-Hāmākua Master Plan was published on September 23, 2016. The EIS Preparation Notice is a document which is developed once it is determined that the project proposed may have a significant effect on the environment and therefore, will require the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement.  More…

The Final on-line survey results are in!


Here are the results from all three of our 2016 Legislative Surveys. “Yes” votes are totaled under “Yes,” and immediately below you’ll see how many were straight up “Yes” and how many were “Yes, With Reservations” (WR). Included are the bill numbers with links to the Status Sheet which shows how each legislator voted each More…

Breaking Bread

Senate Floor

At the end of Session, the day of final votes, when you’re at the most frustrated and exhausted point after 3 1/2 months of advocating, fighting and hoping, we take time to break bread together. I love this tradition. More…